Facts & FAQ

Here are some quick facts about Educational Tutorial Services, and what we have to offer.

  1. Cater to the foster care system
  2. Offer high quality private tutoring programs to students of all ages
  3. We offer both individual and group tutoring
  4. Over 10 years of experience in this industry
  5. Hundreds of professionally trained and/or certified tutors to meet the need of every student
  6. We have tutored thousands of students, and a large percentage has gone onto college
  7. We have three offices located across the United States
  8. We offer services regardless of location within the United States
  9. We have tutors on staff who cater to students in grades K-12 as well as college
  10. We offer tutoring free to foster care parents if their agency approves or it is court ordered by the judge
  11. We have a Special Education Component in order to meet the needs of all students
  12. As a child moves locations, our service follows along to ensure that they stay on the right track
  13. We create a portfolio of assessments, attendance, behavior, grades, homework, and tests for each student
  14. We assign an Educational Coordinator for each location to oversee individualized education plans, and monitor the progress of students and teachers

There are many common questions that we hear time and time again. Some of the more popular ones are listed below in order to ensure that you get all of the information that you need.

Does the student have to pay for the tutoring services?
Many times the student’s agency or organization will cover all of the costs that may be incurred. This allows the child to get the educational assistance that they need without having to worry about the finances that are involved.

Is any student eligible for assistance?
Even though we would like to be able to deal with all students, we concentrate solely on foster care children. By focusing on one niche we are much more successful in obtaining new contracts on a regular basis, and in turn being able to assist a larger number of students.

What area of the United States do you work in?
The great thing about Educational Tutorial Services is that we have three offices in the United States. In turn, this allows us to offer our services to students from one side of the country to the next. We will work with any foster care child regardless of location within the United States, and can be set up within one week’s time at the most.

Why do foster care children need this type of tutoring?
Often times, a foster care child jumps from school to school or home to home. When this occurs it is not always easy for them to keep up in the classroom. Additionally, it can also be emotionally stressful as well. With our tutoring services we can help students to stay on track during these tough times.

What do you have to offer that other services do not?
Generally speaking, Educational Tutorial Services is the only company in the United States that focuses on foster care children. We develop curriculum that is personalized for the needs of each child, and select tutors from within the communities they reside. We also tutor in rural areas that other companies try to avoid. In addition, tutors go directly to the home, library, or school so that parents do not have to transport their child.