MCAT Test Preparation

Becoming a doctor is a time-honored profession.  But passing the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) can be challenging. And just about every medical school in the U.S. requires MCAT scores to be considered for admission. MCAT private tutoring is available to help you prepare for your test.  The MCAT is a multiple-choice exam that measures student ability to think critically, problem solve, and write.  Specific knowledge in science is assessed since medicine is science-based.  The MCAT is divided into four primary areas: Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and the Writing Sample.

One-on-one tutoring is convenient because tutors work around your busy schedule. Tutors can personalize instruction to complement your learning style. Students are motivated to work on the areas that need attention so they can improve their scores. Customized tutoring is the best way to get ready for the MCAT.

Private tutoring sessions are tailored to student needs. View our Pricing Options for students who need private tutoring hereContact us for additional information on registration.