ACT Test Preparation

High school students who plan to attend college are often required to take the American College Testing (ACT) exam.  The test is comprised of four primary sections: English, math, reading, and science.  It is a multiple-choice test that includes an optional essay writing component.  A total of 215 questions are on the exam covering various subject matters and topics.  It is a three and a half hour test with an extra thirty minutes required if the student writes an essay.

There are 75 multiple-choice questions in the English section students must answer within 75 minutes. The questions are in response to five reading passages. This section measures student knowledge of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and rhetorical skills.

The math component is comprised of 60 multiple-choice questions to be completed within 60 minutes.  This section measures student knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

Students have 35 minutes to answer 40 multiple-choice questions in the reading section of the exam. This section aims to measure student reading comprehension in natural sciences, literature, humanities, and natural science.

Science questions make up the remaining 35 minutes of the test.  Students must answer 40 multiple-choice questions within this time period.  This section measures student ability to interpret data, understand summaries, and handle conflicting viewpoints.  Students should have completed at least one high school physical science and biology class to do well on this part of the exam.

Students who elect to take the writing test will have 30 minutes to write an essay. The essay is used to assess writing skills learned in English classes.

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