Nationwide Foster Care and ESL Tutoring

Since 1996, Educational Tutorial Services has had the primary goal of providing high quality tutoring programs.

Educational Tutorial Services focuses on education services for foster care children. We offer tutoring on a number of different levels to foster care students in grades K-12 as well as college. Our goal is to help foster care students close learning gaps caused by interruptions to their education.

We service refugee children nationwide with ESL services in all subjects.

Here at Educational Tutorial Services we concentrate on securing contracts from agencies. In turn, they can provide the funding that we need in order to set up individual tutoring sessions with students. Tutoring is provided at the home, aftercare, library or lock-down facility. Additionally, these agencies also work with us to create after school programs in group homes and shelters.

With over 21 years of experience, Educational Tutorial Services has the expertise to help students meet and exceed academic expectations. We are committed to providing customized academic tutoring and test preparation programs to help students of all ages succeed. Learn more.

Test Preparation

High quality Test Preparation programs are available for a variety of high school and college exams including myriad subject area tests. Educational Tutorial Services customizes test prep programs to your individual needs. Learn More

Quick Facts

Our tutoring programs are designed to help students achieve the ultimate high school success - GRADUATION! Not sure exactly what kind of assistance your child needs? Learn more about our services to see why our program works. Learn More

Academic Support

With over 50% of students unprepared for college, students who need remedial tutoring in reading and math skills turn to Educational Tutorial Services for assistance. Reading and math skills are the foundation of your college success! Learn More

About Us

Educational Tutorial Services is committed to the education of all children and offer customized tutoring programs to meet individual student needs. Gifted students and disadvantaged students alike benefit from our services. Learn More

Foster Care

By building on student strengths, our tutoring programs are proven to assist foster care students who are lagging behind their peers because of interruptions in their education. We help students overcome learning barriers to achieve grade-level success. Learn More

ESL Tutoring

In addition to academic support, students learn valuable study skills and organizing techniques they can apply in the classroom and to various school projects. Educational Tutorial Services wants your child to be successful! Learn More


Preparing for the GRE

The GRE is a test for a candidate’s readiness for undertaking graduate, and business studies programs. It is quite popular and is used in many countries that conduct their courses in English. The GRE also is a popular test internationally for another reason. The U.S. is a very attractive destination for higher education so a

Knowing What to Study for the ACT is Half the Battle

To know how to study for the ACT, we must first look at what the ACT is made up of. Tear it apart, and tackle each component one by one. The ACT is made up of 5 sections. Here is a closer look at each of the components and what it entails: English This section

Tips for Preparing for the GED Exam

Studying is never a fun for the average student. Studying for a major exam like the GED is much more stressful. The GED covers a lot of subjects and topics, and it takes about 7 hours to complete the entire test. How much studying do you need to do for a 7 hour test? If

Understanding the GRE

Congratulations on making it so far along on your education journey! This is one of the last tests you will need to take. The GRE is much more intensive than the other tests you have taken so far. At this level, the GRE is more challenging compared to previous tests you have taken such as

Ways Students with Learning Disabilities Can Improve SAT Test Scores

Studying can be quite a challenging task for all students because of reasons like lack of interest and short attention span. Studying is even more difficult when you combine the two reasons above with learning disabilities. Here are some tips on how students with learning disabilities can study better and hence, score good grades on

Managing Your Fear of the SAT

SAT can be quite the terror for students who are trying to get into college. There’s a lot riding on your SAT scores. Your future depends on it, so this is definitely not a test to take lightly. The SAT affects your college admission, and it may very well affect your chance for a scholarship.

Creating the Right Learning Environment for Children with Learning Disabilities

While all children need a little help and guidance with their homework from time to time, those who diagnosed with learning disabilities may require more support than most. For the parents of students with learning disabilities, it is important to be aware of ways in which this guidance and help can be provided without the

Turning Young Children into Enthusiastic Readers

Reading is a vital part of your child’s upbringing, as it aids their education, creativity, and imagination. Reading is something that a child should want to engage in for pleasure as well as for educational reasons, but not all kids are at the same level as their peers when it comes to reading. Any parent

When Your Child Needs Math Help

While math is a vital part of the school curriculum for kids of all ages, there are some children who struggle with this particular subject more than others. Math is one of those subjects that some people are naturally brilliant at while others may really struggle to get their heads around it. However, perseverance and

Practical Science Homework Advice for Parents

Science is a subject that can be fascinating for kids at school, but there are times when children of all ages may need some help and guidance with this subject. As is the case with all subjects, kids will often have science homework and from time to time may need some help and guidance from