Nationwide Foster Care and ESL Tutoring

Since 1996, Educational Tutorial Services has had the primary goal of providing high quality tutoring programs.

Educational Tutorial Services focuses on education services for foster care children. We offer tutoring on a number of different levels to foster care students in grades K-12 as well as college. Our goal is to help foster care students close learning gaps caused by interruptions to their education.

We service refugee children nationwide with ESL services in all subjects.

Here at Educational Tutorial Services we concentrate on securing contracts from agencies. In turn, they can provide the funding that we need in order to set up individual tutoring sessions with students. Tutoring is provided at the home, aftercare, library or lock-down facility. Additionally, these agencies also work with us to create after school programs in group homes and shelters.

With over 21 years of experience, Educational Tutorial Services has the expertise to help students meet and exceed academic expectations. We are committed to providing customized academic tutoring and test preparation programs to help students of all ages succeed. Learn more.

Test Preparation

High quality Test Preparation programs are available for a variety of high school and college exams including myriad subject area tests. Educational Tutorial Services customizes test prep programs to your individual needs. Learn More

Quick Facts

Our tutoring programs are designed to help students achieve the ultimate high school success - GRADUATION! Not sure exactly what kind of assistance your child needs? Learn more about our services to see why our program works. Learn More

Academic Support

With over 50% of students unprepared for college, students who need remedial tutoring in reading and math skills turn to Educational Tutorial Services for assistance. Reading and math skills are the foundation of your college success! Learn More

About Us

Educational Tutorial Services is committed to the education of all children and offer customized tutoring programs to meet individual student needs. Gifted students and disadvantaged students alike benefit from our services. Learn More

Foster Care

By building on student strengths, our tutoring programs are proven to assist foster care students who are lagging behind their peers because of interruptions in their education. We help students overcome learning barriers to achieve grade-level success. Learn More

ESL Tutoring

In addition to academic support, students learn valuable study skills and organizing techniques they can apply in the classroom and to various school projects. Educational Tutorial Services wants your child to be successful! Learn More


Getting the Most from In-Home Tutoring if Your Child has Learning Disabilities

Homework is intended to be review for children learn in school. By practicing new concepts and principles, children are better able to remember and apply them. For students with learning disabilities, homework time can be frustrating. In-home tutoring is an excellent way to help your child complete assignments and build on knowledge learned in the

Teen Homework Help: Essential Tips for Parents

Homework has been a requirement since the concept of education and public schooling was formalized. It involves the process of bringing work from school to home for further study and practice to improve upon what has already been taught in the classroom. Today, with the influence of globalization, the pressure to excel academically for teens

Improving Your Child’s Reading Skills

Children who like to read tend to do better in school and, later, in life. It is not only necessary for gaining knowledge but also for building character. It opens up the doors to the unknown and helps strengthen decision-making skills. In addition to all the above benefits, reading positively affects cognitive skills. It is,

Expert Tips for Helping Kids With Science Homework

At all grade levels, students must take classes in multiple subjects. Science is usually one of those subjects. Science curriculum essentially includes general and environmental science at lower grade levels in addition to physics and chemistry in higher grades. Science as a subject has the capability to be fun as well as a nightmare depending

Ways Shy Students Benefit from Online Tutoring

Shy students often miss out on learning opportunities and are likely to lag behind the peers in the class. Their shyness prevents them from asking questions to clarify their gaps in learning. With the fast pace at which teaching-learning must progress, these students fall behind quickly. Teasing shy students in the class, reaching the levels

How Online Tutoring Helps All Students

In-person tutoring by a competent teacher can benefit all students. Students get personal help from an experienced teacher in a non-threatening environment. Stress due to peer pressure is very low. Online tutoring is a practical alternative that provides nearly the same environment as in-person tutoring. In fact, many students find interacting with the tutor over

Selecting the Best Private or Online Tutoring Service

One of the biggest reasons for seeking tutorial help for a child is that parents may not have time or the expertise required to help them. Tutoring from an expert who provides individual attention and guidance is useful for students of all learning levels. Assuming you have decided to enlist the support of a tutoring

Advantages of Online Tutoring

Students across the complete range of capabilities can benefit from private tutoring. Advanced students are able to satisfy their desire to go beyond the regular classroom material. Private tutoring, through personal attention and individualized guidance, also can help students with learning and other disabilities achieve their full potential. Students who are learning well are able

Tutoring and College Admissions Planning for Students with Learning or Other Disabilities

Planning for admissions by students with disabilities needs to be completed in two phases: a)    Choose colleges to apply to by reviewing how they provide support to students with disabilities. b)   Ensure the paperwork necessary for disability accommodation for students with disabilities is completed and the necessary permissions are obtained. Typically, colleges accommodate student disabilities

Tips on Balancing a Job and Preparing for the GED Exam

Taking the GED test is an important step for many who did not complete high school.  Passing this test certifies that your “General Education Development” is equivalent to a high-school senior who graduates through a traditional school system. For people whose education got interrupted for any number of reasons, they can obtain this equivalency and