Transitional Living Programs

Many states offer a variety of services to foster care youth to help them transition to adulthood. These transitional living programs span life skills training to college assistance and housing supports. Educational Tutorial Services provides tutoring to high school students and college students who participate in transitional living programs. It can be challenging for children who age-out of the foster care system to succeed in college. Their experiences in the system may have resulted in delays in their education. We help bridge academic gaps by providing intensive tutoring to prepare foster care youth for college. In addition to homework help, we offer high quality test preparation assistance.

Depending on the state, young people who are 14 or 16 to 21 or 22 may be eligible for our services through funded transitional living programs. Generally, we contract with Departments of Family and Children Services to provide tutoring services to eligible youth. Tutoring is offered on a one-to-one basis so that Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are tailored to meet the needs of each student. Tutors become mentors and help guide young people to overcome the academic challenges they face.

Because we offer in-home services, our tutors can meet with students at their foster homes, public libraries, or community centers. Students who are living on their own may request tutoring at their home. We work with students and their transitional living program case manager to establish tutoring schedules and prioritize academic needs. Remedial reading and math tend to be at the top of the list. Students need to be proficient at reading to succeed in the workforce or at college. Math skills are essential for everyday purposes like paying bills and balancing a checkbook.

Our goal is to ensure foster care youth transition to successful adults. To achieve this, we establish learning goals with each student that they need to meet in order to make that transition. We can provide a few hours of tutoring each week or intensive tutoring that involves up to 15 hours per week. The specific tutoring program established is determined by the transitional living program case manager and foster care youth involved.

Transitional living program managers can learn more about our tutoring services. Simply contact us directly and request additional information about the ways we can partner to meet the educational needs of foster care youth.