Independent Living Programs

Foster care youth who have aged-out or are getting ready to age-out of the system may be eligible to participate in independent living programs. These state-funded programs are designed to help foster care youth achieve self-sufficiency. For many youth, that entails finding and keeping a good job. In most cases, a high school diploma is required to get a job. Unfortunately, foster care youth experience high drop-out rates which can interfere with their self-sufficiency goals.

Educational Tutorial Services works with independent living programs across the country to help foster care youth in high school earn their diploma and older youth earn their Certificate of High School Equivalency by passing the GED test. We offer remedial tutoring in Reading, Math, and Science to help students who want to achieve academically. We also offer tutoring for GED test preparation.

Our tutors are highly qualified to work with this diverse population. They understand the importance of helping foster care youth overcome barriers to academic success. Youth between the ages of 16 and 21 may be eligible to receive tutoring services through a qualified independent living program. Interested youth should contact their social worker to find out how to become eligible for educational supports through our agency.

Students are asked to complete a pre-assessment to identify academic benchmarks that need to be strengthened. Together with their tutor, students will agree to work on goals outlined in their Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Progress is assessed on a monthly basis to determine if changes are needed in the tutoring approach or curriculum used by the tutor. Our tutors are familiar with the best instructional methods that will help foster care youth meet ILP goals.

Independent living program managers can contact us for more information about ways Educational Tutorial Services can help foster care youth overcome academic barriers to self-sufficiency.