Foster Care

Educational Tutorial Services focuses on education services for foster care children.  We offer tutoring on a number of different levels to foster care students in grades K-12 as well as college. Our goal is to help foster care students close learning gaps caused by interruptions to their education.

Here at Educational Tutorial Services we concentrate on securing contracts from agencies. In turn, they can provide the funding that we need in order to set up individual tutoring sessions with students. Tutoring is provided at the foster home or a public library.  Additionally, these agencies also work with us to create after school programs in group homes and shelters.

To get started, foster parents or social workers need to fill out the Referral Form in its entirety and submit it.  We will be in contact with both parties within 48 hours of receiving the Form.  We have a 95% success rate of quickly securing funding through each student’s foster care agency.  We are able to accomplish this through ad hoc referrals signed off by the student’s social worker as well as contracts and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the foster care agency.  With foster care agency cooperation, we can have tutoring start within one week of referral for services.

After we have set up funding, we then move forward with assigning tutors to the students who are in need.  All of our tutors are professionally trained and/or certified in order to ensure that the students have every opportunity to achieve the highest level of success.  If we need to, we recruit additional tutors to address specific student needs.  Once assigned, tutors make arrangements with foster parents to complete student pre-assessments. An individual student learning plan is then developed and used to inform tutoring for each student.

Tutors work with foster parents to establish a tutoring schedule.  The amount of tutoring required is determined in collaboration with the foster care agency.  Tutoring generally takes place two to four times weekly for one to two hours per session.

The following depicts a typical timeline for foster care tutoring:

Foster Care Timeline

In addition to the free curriculum provided for each student, we offer the following deliverables:

1. Pre- and Post-Test Assessments (reading and math)
2. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
3. Attendance Sheets
4. Monthly Progress Reports (to parents, social workers, judges, etc.)
5. Student Portfolios

Educational Tutorial Services is the only company in the United States that caters to this market niche.  With more and more foster care children looking for help, Educational Tutorial Services provides educational assistance to thousands of students all over the country.  We are able to provide services nationally because we have Educational Coordinators in each state – this allows us to begin working immediately in counties in need.

If you are a foster care agency interested in contracting with us to provide tutoring to multiple foster care students, please contact us directly for a consultation.