WIA Tutoring & Study Skills Training

We are an approved provider of Tutoring & Study Skills Training under the Workforce Investment Board (WIA) Act in several communities across the country including Los Angeles. To participate in our programs, eligible youth must be referred to us by the appropriate Workforce Board representative. We accept vouchers in locations that use them to refer youth.

Our Tutoring & Study Skills Training program is designed specifically for youth ages 14-21, many of whom have dropped out of school. We provide intensive one-on-one tutoring with an emphasis on improving literacy and numeracy skills so youth can become gainfully employed. We incorporate drop-out prevention strategies in our tutoring activities for youth who are still in school.

The goal of our Tutoring & Study Skills Training program is to help participating youth:

  • Achieve grade-level proficiency in math, reading, and writing
  • Provide instructional support
    • Homework assistance for in-school youth
    • Remedial tutoring for out-of-school youth
    • Learn skills and knowledge needed to graduate or pass GED exam
    • Foster good study habits
    • Be better prepared for employment

We provide the following deliverables to students, parents, and partner agencies:

1. Pre- and Post-Test Assessments
2. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
3. Attendance Sheets
4. Monthly Progress Reports

Youth benefit by having personalized attention from an adult tutor who understands their situation.  In addition to having a degree or certification in the subject(s) they instruct, our tutors receive training on WIA program requirements. We work collaboratively with community agencies providing other WIA element programs and services to the same youth we serve.

Workforce Development Boards and Youth Councils as well as contracted service delivery organizations can contact us directly for additional information about the ways we help youth build literacy and numeracy skills necessary for securing a job!