Special Education

It is not unusual for students with gaps in their education to be enrolled in special education classes. In reality, it is an increasingly common outcome for youth in foster care, many who have learning disabilities. In fact, research suggests that 30-40% of all children in foster care have a diagnosed disability. Others may not have received a proper diagnosis. Even a delayed diagnosis can result in the need for remedial education. We provide customized education solutions designed especially for children and youth with learning disabilities.

Our instructional strategies emphasize cognitive skill development. Tutors help students improve in several areas including math, reading, and writing. Students learn how to build study habits that will stay with them for years to come. We incorporate current learning theories in our intensive tutoring services. Because of their unique experiences, our special education tutors work in all of our tutoring programs when needed. Most have a degree in special education and have worked with students diagnosed with:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Emotional and behavior disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Developmental delays
  • Speech/language impairments

Because we target children with the greatest academic needs, we serve a higher proportion (about 75%) of children with disabilities. Since we are primarily a home-based program, our services are accessible to children with physical disabilities. We are able to make accommodations in instructional strategies to serve children with specific physical disabilities such as hearing and visual impairments.

We provide the following deliverables to students, parents, school representatives, and case managers:

1. Pre- and Post-Test Assessments
2. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
3. Attendance Sheets
4. Monthly Progress Reports

Depending on the situation, we may need a copy of your student’s IEP so we can coordinate our services with those provided by the school district or required in the IEP.

You can contact us directly for additional information about our services and ways we can help your student(s) with special needs learn important academic skills!