There are nearly 1.6 million children who do not have a permanent residence in this country every year. Educational Tutorial Services works with school districts to provide quality tutoring services to children who are homeless. Funding for tutoring is typically provided by the school districts through the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act. Under this act, a homeless child may be living in emergency shelters, public spaces, motels, or be awaiting placement in foster care.

We provide intensive tutoring and homework assistance to students. After establishing a contractual relationship with school district or partner agency, we begin to immediately accept referrals. Students are assigned a tutor and immediately assessed to determine primary areas of academic weakness. The tutor establishes a tutoring schedule with the student and family. All tutoring is provided at a mutually-agreed upon location such as public library or community center. Most tutoring is one-on-one; however, group tutoring may take place at a shelter if there is sufficient space.

Our goal is to ensure that children who do not have permanent homes still receive the education they are entitled to by providing educational supports in a timely manner. We recommend between 2 and 4 hours of tutoring weekly to close academic gaps and maintain skill levels. Each of our tutors is highly qualified to work with our students. They are compassionate and dedicated to ensuring every child succeeds academically.

Following is a typical timeline of a tutoring program for homeless children:

We provide free curriculum for each student in addition to the following deliverables:
1. Pre- and Post-Test Assessments (reading and math)
2. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
3. Attendance Sheets
4. Monthly Progress Reports (to parents, social workers, judges, etc.)
5. Student Portfolios

We remain one of the top providers in the country serving homeless children. We have multiple Educational Coordinators who are assigned in specific jurisdictions in each state. Our organizational structure makes it easy for use to quickly setup tutoring programs in counties with the greatest need.

School districts and homeless organizations can contact us directly to get more information about the ways we can help your children receive the education they deserve!