Educational Tutorial Services is an industry-leader in academic tutoring programs that result in higher learning abilities and better grades.  Students develop valuable studying skills in addition to improving in the subject area being tutored.  While we serve students from all backgrounds, our tutoring programs are also tailored to meet the needs of specific populations including gifted students and students in the foster care children.  We focus on test preparation and closing the gap in learning caused by interruptions in student’s knowledge building.


Foster Care Tutoring

At Educational Tutorial Services we have a lot to offer the foster care industry. Since 1996, Educational Tutorial Services has been involved in assisting foster children with their educational needs.

With offices located nationwide, it is easy for us to help any child or group home with all of their tutoring needs. We service children from one side of the country to the other, as opposed to only one region.

We originally started as a service focusing on special needs and at risk children. But over time we began to work with foster children all over the country, as well as social service and non-profit agencies, such as Friends of Abused Children. In addition, Educational Tutorial Services also caters to group homes and shelters by offering affordable tutoring services.

At Educational Tutorial Services we have a personalized approach to teaching, which in turn makes the student much more likely to succeed. We do this by offering weekly pre and post assessments as well as monthly progress reports to parents, teachers, and school administrators. Additionally, our tutors and instructors are diverse in their background, and many of them live in the same community as their students.

We offer both group and individual tutoring sessions, and our instruction works on multiple levels such as basic, state exams, and classroom coursework. To add to all of this, our teachers and tutors are trained in working with foster children.

Benefits of our foster care tutoring services include:

  • Free tutoring to the majority of foster children; paid by the child’s agency or organization
  • A set-up time of no more than 48 hours
  • Tutors available for students grade K – 12 and college
  • Nationwide service

As you can see, Educational Tutorial Services has a lot to offer foster care children. If you are involved with the foster care system in any way we would love to speak with you!

Educational Tutorial Services is a proud member of the Education Industry Association!