Why Online Tutoring is Popular

The advantages of online tutoring is spurring its growth and popularity.

The advantages of online tutoring is spurring its growth and popularity among parents and students of all ages.

The global tutoring market is expected to grow to $102 billion by next year. A large part of this is the online tutoring format. In general, private one to one tutoring is seen by parents as the way to help their children gain knowledge not available to them in a typical classroom setting. In the U.S. there have been concerns about school children learning enough math and science in the standard school-based knowledge delivery system. General skills like reading and writing also are causes for concern of parents for K-12 students. In the higher-education arena, preparedness for colleges in students coming out of high school continues to decline. A high percentage of students (60% of all admissions to community colleges) need at least one remediation course to prevent them from dropping out. Parents increasingly see private tutoring as a dependable supplement to learning. Their inability to spend time with their children to help with their studies adds to the appeal of expert tutoring providers.

Online Service Providers are Increasingly the Popular Delivery System

Online tutoring is increasingly the popular mode of supplementary education. At first glance, the reason for this is easy to understand. Private tutoring takes away the peer pressure of a class and makes it far easier for a student to ask questions and seek answers to them. With online tutoring, students who might feel intimidated by the physical presence of a tutor do not hesitate to ask questions or find answers in virtual classrooms. This is a generation of students who are very used to the virtual presence of people and are at ease with applications like Skype or Whatsapp.

Studies have shown that the convenience of accessing learning resources from anywhere is a major attraction to online tutoring. Often these are available for as long as you need them, at any time suitable to your convenience, and not restricted by the fixed session time and fixed duration that in-person tutoring requires. In-person tutoring is typically more expensive too. Low performing students who may hesitate to ask questions or seek clarifications in a classroom setting, feel non-threatened and less embarrassed to do so in online tutoring sessions. Additional studies indicate uniform improvement in grades and increases in confidence are reported by students.

College Level Implications

College admissions are increasing significantly (it grew 34% from 2000 to 2009). Educators find that online tutoring helps students who need remedial courses. These remedial measures are essential for retaining the student long enough to complete their degree. Students can get tutoring on-campus or online from other tutoring service providers who specialize in remedial tutoring for college students.