Private Tutoring

In addition to our school and social services partners, we provide private one-on-one tutoring to students in grades K-12 and college. In-home tutoring is available in most academic subjects. And we offer test preparation options to students planning to enter college.  We are the preferred source for private tutoring support.

Academic Support

Tutoring is available in basic skill readiness, core subjects like math and reading, foreign languages, and the arts. State-approved pre and post tests are used to identify tutoring goals.

Test Preparation

Test preparation services are available for ACT, PSAT, AP, SAT, GMAT, GRE, IB, LSAT, and MCAT.  Gifted students are challenged to continue excelling in their studies.  In short, we help prepare students for their future!

Our Approach

When you request private tutoring, you will be assigned one of our elite tutors.  Tutors are experienced teachers with strong credentials. Most are certified with advanced degrees in their subject area. Before we hire any tutor, they must complete a thorough background check that includes proof of academic achievement skills. You can rest assured that your tutor is one of the best in the industry!

What You Can Expect

Our experienced teachers tailor tutoring to meet your specific needs.  Tutors help students improve academic scores and grades while teaching students study and organization skills they can apply to future educational activities.  Our goal is to help students meet and exceed academic expectations.  To this end, we will work with you to establish an individualized learning plan that details strengths, weaknesses, and tutoring goals. Tutors meets with students weekly to review homework and prepare for school tests, class projects, and college enrollment tests as needed.  Tutors communicate with parents on a regular basis to keep them apprised of progress.


Our rates are competitive but vary depending on subject matter and tutor experience. View our Pricing Options for students who need private tutoring here.

Private tutoring sessions are tailored to student needs.  Contact us for additional information on registration.