Motivating Students through Private Tutoring

A private tutor can be a primary motivator for students.

Many parents wonder if a private tutor is worth the effort it takes to find a good one. There are numerous reasons to consider hiring a private tutor for your child. One-on-one tutoring can help students build academic skills. However, there are secondary benefits to students who work with a tutor. You should expect your child to be more motivated to learn and do well in school after working with a private tutor. The following are common ways tutors motivate students two achieve in school.

Tutors Teach Study Skills

Tutors know great study techniques and are more than willing to share them with their students. You may think your child is lazy when in reality he is simply stressed about studying. Many students never learn basic study skills in school. Without these skills, they try to remember what teachers say during lectures as their primary means of learning and taking tests.

Tutors Mentor Students to Meet Higher Standards

Tutors are natural cheerleaders for students. They establish expectations from the beginning that are achievable but higher than average. Tutors want to see students succeed and be prepared for their future. They encourage students to go the extra mile. Students want to achieve and share good grades with their tutors as proof of their achievements.

Tutors Identify Underlying Emotional Barriers

Tutors can quickly identify barriers to a child’s academic success. It may be the child does not like going school or has a particularly difficult teacher. Social anxiety can cause students to perform poorly in school. Once the tutor has identified underlying issues, she will work with the student and his parents to address the problems so the student can focus on school work.

Because they are essentially academic coaches, tutors can play a major motivating role in the life of your child. Like other school coaches, tutors become role models for students. Tutors can provide a motivating influence when classroom teachers and parents struggle to reach students. Contact Educational Tutorial Services to learn more about our private tutoring services today!