How Private Tutoring Helps Students Handle Study-Related Stress

Private tutoring can help you get organized so you feel more confident about taking tests.

It is not unusual for students to experience anxiety when preparing for or taking tests. Private tutoring can help students overcome their feelings of panic. When they know the subject matter of a test, students can walk into a classroom feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to do well.

Review Subject Material Thoroughly

Your tutor can take several sessions to help you prepare for an exam. He will consider your notes and lesson outline to develop questions so he can determine what you know and what you still have trouble with in order to better structure tutoring sessions. He will quiz you on various aspects of the subject material, including ways for you to apply what you have learned. It is important that students do more than simply memorize information. Understanding and applying it is how you pass essay exams.

Simulate Test-Taking Environment

Tutors have access to practice tests they can administer so you can get a sense of how you might perform on the day of the test. They can simulate an actual test by timing you so you do not take more time than you will be able to in the real test-taking situation. Simulations can help students relax. Practicing builds confidence, especially when you see your scores improve with each test. You see it is possible for you to learn and remember information.

Determine Reason for Stress

Some students just hate taking tests. It has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing the material. Test-taking anxiety is often more about meeting expectations of adults. Students do not want to disappoint parents or teachers so they worry more about the final grade rather than the actual test. This is when “blackouts” occur or when students seem to forget everything they know and sit frozen at their desks. If the simulated tests do not help, your tutor may suggest you meet with your school counselor or learn relaxation techniques you can use right before taking a test.

Private tutoring provides a safe environment for students to deal with their anxiety while preparing for major tests. The right tutor will not add pressure but instead will offer practical recommendations to help you review subject material and relax at the same time. Check out our private tutoring program here.