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How Private Tutoring Helps Students Handle Study-Related Stress

Private tutoring can help you get organized so you feel more confident about taking tests.

It is not unusual for students to experience anxiety when preparing for or taking tests. Private tutoring can help students overcome their feelings of panic. When they know the subject matter of a test, students can walk into a classroom feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to do well.

Review Subject Material Thoroughly

Your tutor can take several sessions to help you prepare for an exam. He will consider your notes and lesson outline to develop questions so he can determine what you know and what you still have trouble with in order to better structure tutoring sessions. He will quiz you on various aspects of the subject material, including ways for you to apply what you have learned. It is important that students do more than simply memorize information. Understanding and applying it is how you pass essay exams.

Simulate Test-Taking Environment

Tutors have access to practice tests they can administer so you can get a sense of how you might perform on the day of the test. They can simulate an actual test by timing you so you do not take more time than you will be able to in the real test-taking situation. Simulations can help students relax. Practicing builds confidence, especially when you see your scores improve with each test. You see it is possible for you to learn and remember information.

Determine Reason for Stress

Some students just hate taking tests. It has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing the material. Test-taking anxiety is often more about meeting expectations of adults. Students do not want to disappoint parents or teachers so they worry more about the final grade rather than the actual test. This is when “blackouts” occur or when students seem to forget everything they know and sit frozen at their desks. If the simulated tests do not help, your tutor may suggest you meet with your school counselor or learn relaxation techniques you can use right before taking a test.

Private tutoring provides a safe environment for students to deal with their anxiety while preparing for major tests. The right tutor will not add pressure but instead will offer practical recommendations to help you review subject material and relax at the same time. Check out our private tutoring program here.

Motivating Students through Private Tutoring

A private tutor can be a primary motivator for students.

Many parents wonder if a private tutor is worth the effort it takes to find a good one. There are numerous reasons to consider hiring a private tutor for your child. One-on-one tutoring can help students build academic skills. However, there are secondary benefits to students who work with a tutor. You should expect your child to be more motivated to learn and do well in school after working with a private tutor. The following are common ways tutors motivate students two achieve in school.

Tutors Teach Study Skills

Tutors know great study techniques and are more than willing to share them with their students. You may think your child is lazy when in reality he is simply stressed about studying. Many students never learn basic study skills in school. Without these skills, they try to remember what teachers say during lectures as their primary means of learning and taking tests.

Tutors Mentor Students to Meet Higher Standards

Tutors are natural cheerleaders for students. They establish expectations from the beginning that are achievable but higher than average. Tutors want to see students succeed and be prepared for their future. They encourage students to go the extra mile. Students want to achieve and share good grades with their tutors as proof of their achievements.

Tutors Identify Underlying Emotional Barriers

Tutors can quickly identify barriers to a child’s academic success. It may be the child does not like going school or has a particularly difficult teacher. Social anxiety can cause students to perform poorly in school. Once the tutor has identified underlying issues, she will work with the student and his parents to address the problems so the student can focus on school work.

Because they are essentially academic coaches, tutors can play a major motivating role in the life of your child. Like other school coaches, tutors become role models for students. Tutors can provide a motivating influence when classroom teachers and parents struggle to reach students. Contact Educational Tutorial Services to learn more about our private tutoring services today!

Choosing a Private Tutoring Service Provider

Private tutoring can make all the different in the world to foster youth and other at-risk students who need to bridge learning gaps.

Private tutoring is something that can benefit students of many ages and backgrounds in a variety of ways. A solid education is a vital part of any child’s future. However, for one reason or another, there are many students who require additional support in order to reach their full potential academically. This is where private tutoring can prove invaluable, helping students to get up to speed, gain confidence in learning, engage more effectively, and benefit from improved grades.

In order to ensure that students are able to make the most of private tutoring, it is important to select the right provider or tutor. This can play a key part in the success of the whole private tutoring process, which is why it is such a vital consideration.

What to Look For

In order to find the right private tutoring provider, it is important to look for certain qualities. With this information, you will be able to make a more informed decision and, more importantly, make the right decision. Some of the areas to look at include:

  • Experience in private tutoring: It is important to look at the level of experience the provider has when it comes to the private tutoring industry, as ideally you want to find a provider with expertise and a long, successful reputation in tutoring.
  • Specialization: You should check to see whether the provider offers specialist tutoring to cater for specific needs. For instance, if you are looking to arrange private tutoring for a foster child, you should look for a provider that specializes in catering to the foster care system.
  • Services for different ages: You should check whether or not the provider is able to serve students from different grades as well as college students, as this will ensure you find a tutor that is able to tutor your child, regardless of  her age or grade level.
  • Cost of tutoring: It is important to look at the cost of private tutoring and if the provider is able to offer discounted or “free” tutoring for students such as those in foster care if it has been court ordered or agency approved.
  • Individual and group tutoring: Depending on your situation, you may want to look for a provider that offers both individual and group tutoring options.

Looking at overall quality and processes

In addition to the points above, you should try and get an idea of the overall quality of services offered by the provider. This means looking at areas such as how the student’s education is coordinated, how consistency is ensured for children that move around a lot, and what sorts of assessments are carried out. Learn more about our private tutoring services here.

Private Tutoring Helps Prepare Students for College

Private tutoring helps students get the additional help they need to do well on college entrance exams. In addition, students learn valuable skills and build study habits that benefit them in college and beyond.

Private tutoring helps students get the additional help they need to do well on college entrance exams. In addition, students learn valuable skills and build study habits that benefit them in college and beyond.

College preparation is an important but difficult undertaking. Most students feel like they need additional help with their studies to get ready to pass college entrance exams. Private tutoring is a great resource that provides additional learning opportunities for students who want high scores on their exams. Let’s take a look at some ways private tutoring helps students get ready for college.

Study Plan Development

One of the key things to do when getting ready for college is to put together a great study plan. If you are not sure how to create a study plan, your private tutor can help you. A study plan is a priority if you want to have enough time to prepare for your college entrance exam while still participating in other studies and activities.

Master New Study Skills

You need to realize that tutoring cannot substitute your preparation studies. You need to be able to prepare and study at home and on your own. However, a great tutor can teach you new ways of studying. Private tutoring can help you gain new study skills, which will help you greatly in your studies and your future college courses.

Improve Communication

Even though you may find a great range of studying resources, both online and offline, nothing can replace one-on-one communication with your tutor. You can ask questions, share comments or get help with specific assignments from your tutor. Since you are charged for the time you spend with your tutor, your communication skills improve and become more efficient.

Time Management

Your college preparation time can be stressful. Your schedule quickly becomes hectic with so many things to manage. However, private tutoring can reduce this strain on your time. With the help of an expert tutor, you will ultimately end up spending less time studying than you otherwise would if you tried to do everything on your own.

Money Management

Hiring a private tutor may seem costly; however, you will save money when you only need to take the college entrance exam only one time because you received a high score. Being accepted into a good college and earning a degree increases your chances for obtaining a well-paying job. That alone is well worth the initial cost of private tutoring.

Educational Tutorial Services offers affordable private tutoring to students who need help with test prep for college admission. Contact us today to learn more about our test prep tutoring services!

Advantages of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring offers unique benefits for each student.

Parents and students are always looking for ways to improve learning and boost grades. Home tutoring remains popular for myriad reasons.  Obviously it is convenient because tutors come to you.  With over 25% of America’s students receiving private tutoring, the benefits seem apparent.  The need for a good education has come to the forefront once again thanks to the current economy.

Students receive private tutoring because they need academic support.  Gifted students may want the extra challenge presented through private tutoring.  Students can also get assistance preparing for college admission exams.  So, there is no shortage of reasons to consider hiring a tutor.  But what are the specific advantages?

1. One-On-One Attention

This is a huge advantage of private tutoring.  Students are less likely to be distracted.  They can focus without interruption on the task before them.  Home tutoring can be more comfortable for students, allowing them to relax and learn more.  And, since there is only one student, tutors can cover a lot more material than a classroom teacher.

2. Quality Tutor

You get to pick your tutor.  So you can get a tutor for your child who will be encouraging and motivating.  Personality does matter to children. If they do not like their tutor, they will not benefit from the private tutoring.  You also want a tutor who can actually help your child.  Private tutors are often highly qualified with advanced degrees in the subject areas they teach.

3. Improved Self-Image

Once children know they can accomplish something academically, they become more confident.  As their self-esteem grows, they develop a better self-image.  This makes them more open to learning new material and tackling class projects.  Private tutoring can be particularly helpful if your child is shy or is uncomfortable around their peers.

4. Edge on Standardized Tests

Private tutoring can help students improve scores on standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT.  Tutors can effectively identify student strengths and weaknesses.  They will use student strengths to shore up weaknesses.  This can make the difference between an average score and a competitive score when applying to colleges.

Other advantages exist, but these are several of the major tangible benefits of private tutoring.  The next step is finding the right tutor for your child.  And this will depend in part on what you hope to gain from the tutoring experience.

Why Online Tutoring is Popular

The advantages of online tutoring is spurring its growth and popularity.

The advantages of online tutoring is spurring its growth and popularity among parents and students of all ages.

The global tutoring market is expected to grow to $102 billion by next year. A large part of this is the online tutoring format. In general, private one to one tutoring is seen by parents as the way to help their children gain knowledge not available to them in a typical classroom setting. In the U.S. there have been concerns about school children learning enough math and science in the standard school-based knowledge delivery system. General skills like reading and writing also are causes for concern of parents for K-12 students. In the higher-education arena, preparedness for colleges in students coming out of high school continues to decline. A high percentage of students (60% of all admissions to community colleges) need at least one remediation course to prevent them from dropping out. Parents increasingly see private tutoring as a dependable supplement to learning. Their inability to spend time with their children to help with their studies adds to the appeal of expert tutoring providers.

Online Service Providers are Increasingly the Popular Delivery System

Online tutoring is increasingly the popular mode of supplementary education. At first glance, the reason for this is easy to understand. Private tutoring takes away the peer pressure of a class and makes it far easier for a student to ask questions and seek answers to them. With online tutoring, students who might feel intimidated by the physical presence of a tutor do not hesitate to ask questions or find answers in virtual classrooms. This is a generation of students who are very used to the virtual presence of people and are at ease with applications like Skype or Whatsapp.

Studies have shown that the convenience of accessing learning resources from anywhere is a major attraction to online tutoring. Often these are available for as long as you need them, at any time suitable to your convenience, and not restricted by the fixed session time and fixed duration that in-person tutoring requires. In-person tutoring is typically more expensive too. Low performing students who may hesitate to ask questions or seek clarifications in a classroom setting, feel non-threatened and less embarrassed to do so in online tutoring sessions. Additional studies indicate uniform improvement in grades and increases in confidence are reported by students.

College Level Implications

College admissions are increasing significantly (it grew 34% from 2000 to 2009). Educators find that online tutoring helps students who need remedial courses. These remedial measures are essential for retaining the student long enough to complete their degree. Students can get tutoring on-campus or online from other tutoring service providers who specialize in remedial tutoring for college students.

Improve the Confidence of Your Child with Private Tutoring

Private tutoring can build student confidence in no time!

The success of a child’s academic achievements can depend on a variety of factors. In some cases, students struggle with their learning simply due to lack of confidence. This could be a lack of confidence in their abilities or lack of confidence in a classroom environment. Either way, this is something that can have a serious negative effect on their academic achievements.

One way in which children who lack confidence can get valuable additional support is through private tutoring. Participating in private tutoring can benefit these students in a number of ways and can ultimately guide them to the academic success they might otherwise miss out on.

How Private Tutoring Boosts Student Confidence

Some children lack confidence in certain subjects and areas while others lack general confidence that affects their overall learning abilities. Due to the availability of tailored private tutoring, students that fall into either of these groups can benefit. Private tutors can provide assistance with a wide range of programs and subjects, which means that they can cater to a child’s specific needs.

Some of the ways in which private tutoring can help students that lack confidence include:

  • One-to-one support: The one-to-one support that a private tutor offers to a student can help to increase their confidence levels. Students do not have to worry about competing with a class full of other students for the attention of their tutor.
  • Progressing at a suitable pace: Private tutoring means that students can learn at a pace that they are more comfortable with which means that they are not going to feel as though they are falling behind as they might in a classroom environment.
  • Eliminating distractions: While learning at school, some students may be put off by various distractions, which could include the behavior of other students, and this can have a negative effect on their confidence. With private tutoring, these distractions are eliminated so students can focus on learning.
  • Building a rapport: A private tutor can build a valuable relationship with the student which will help to make learning easier. This in turn will help to increase confidence levels.

A Positive Investment

Hiring a private tutor can be a positive and valuable investment when it comes to offering extra support to children who lack confidence in their learning or with specific subject areas. It can help to give students the confidence to ask questions and can help to engage them more when it comes to learning.

Helping At-Risk Students Meet Standards and Achieve Academic Goals

Private tutoring can give at-risk students the confidence they need to succeed.

Expert tutoring services rely on research-based best practices to help low performing and at-risk students succeed in school. Effective instructional strategies are required for tutors who may only meet with students a few hours each week. Low-achieving students can easily bridge learning gaps and become motivated to do well in school. It just takes the right tutor to help make classroom lessons relevant and boost student confidence.

Short-Term Impact

The fastest way to determine if a tutor or tutoring service is being effective is to review student academic achievement and test scores. The primary goal of tutoring is to improve educational outcomes so at-risk students do not fail in school or later in life. When you use a tutoring service like Educational Tutorial Services, your student will be required to complete a pre-assessment and post-assessment to accurately measure their improvement. Our tutors also provide students with additional resources they can continue to use for on-going academic growth after the tutoring ends.

Long-Term Effects

In addition to the immediate benefits students receive from tutoring, there are long-term outcomes that impact students, parents, and the community. Long-term benefits that result from tutoring at-risk students include:

  • Students become motivated to succeed
  • Students are proud of academic achievements
  • Students stay in school until graduation
  • Students who have dropped out of school earn their GED
  • Students successfully transition to adulthood
  • Students become productive and contributing members of society

These very real benefits of tutoring have been well documented in various research studies over the past two decades. Even if your child has severe learning disabilities, intensive private tutoring can provide the one-on-one attention she needs to succeed in the classroom and in the real world.

Getting Started

The academic success of at-risk students depends on the adults in her life. A good tutoring service can match your child to the tutor that will be most effective in helping her meet academic content standards and achieve academic goals. It makes sense to let the tutoring service perform this function since it requires expertise to recruit, hire, and monitor qualified tutors. You risk your child’s academic future if you try to assume this responsibility yourself.

Tutoring for At-Risk Students: What to Expect

Specialized tutoring for at-risk students can help them improve academically while preventing them from dropping out of school.

Various factors determine if a particular student is “at-risk” for academic failure or even dropping out of school. For students who are attending school regularly but continue to struggle academically, tutoring can provide much needed help and support. Tutors help students with homework assignments, suggest ways to improve study skills and organization, and give students a boost in confidence.

Determining Need for a Tutor

Sometimes it is the student’s teacher or guidance counselor that recognizes he might benefit from extra help. At other times, it is the parent who needs other options to engage or motivate their child to do homework or study for tests. Consider the following questions when trying to determine if your child might need tutoring:

  • Does your child have a learning disability or experience emotional problems that interfere with his school days?
  • Does your child talk about dropping out of school?
  • Does your child struggle in a particular subject area or with a specific type of homework assignment?
  • Does your child find it difficult to study for tests?
  • Does your child completing projects on time?
  • Does your child seem anxious about homework assignments or upcoming tests?
  • Does your child constantly fight with me about doing homework or studying?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might want to consider hiring a private tutor for your child.

Choosing the Best Type of Tutoring

Depending on your child’s needs and your schedule, there are several options available to you. Private tutoring is convenient because the tutor can meet with your child at your home or a public place such as a public library or community center. If your child is not comfortable with one-on-one tutoring, online tutoring may prove beneficial. He receives the same quality of tutoring but in the comfort of his own room. Some students do better in a small group setting where they receive instruction along with other students in the same age group or grade level.

Finding the Right Tutor

The tutor you hire should be able to address the issues you and your child are dealing with otherwise she will not be effective as a change agent. If your child has diagnosed learning disabilities, you should only consider tutors who have helped similar students achieve academic success. This is not the time to give a “nice” tutor the chance to help your child. There are professional agencies like Educational Tutorial Services with the expertise to effectively tutor at-risk students.

With help, it is possible to get your at-risk child back on the right academic track. A great tutor provides encouragement and fosters self-confidence in students. Learn more about tutoring opportunities available to you and your child today!

Why Private Tutoring is Important for Kids in Foster Care

Private tutoring helps foster youth catch up academically to their peers.

Children who end up in foster care for several years can face a tough time in many ways. There are various challenges that these kids have to face, and one of the key ones is keeping up academically. A solid education is important for all children but those who are in the foster care system face challenges that other kids do not have to worry about.

Amongst the challenges that foster children face when it comes to keeping up academically is the constant disruption caused by moving around. This can bring with it a drop in confidence and concentration levels, which in turn can have a severe negative impact on their learning abilities and education. This is where private tutoring can prove invaluable.

Ways in which private tutoring can help

There are a number of ways in which private tutoring can help to address some of the challenges that foster kids face when it comes to their education. Many foster children benefit from having private tutoring, enabling them to reap the results of a solid education they might otherwise have missed out on.

Some of the key ways in which this type of tutoring can help include:

  • Helping children to catch up: It can be very easy for kids in foster care to fall behind academically, often because of the constant disruption caused to their education due to moving around from one area to another. Private tutoring can help to bring kids up to speed academically and will enable them to catch up on their studies.
  • Focusing on specific needs: Some foster kids may find that they struggle with certain subjects or in certain areas as a result of having to keep starting over in new schools. Private tutoring will help to ensure that they are given additional support with subjects that they may be struggling with.
  • Restoring confidence in children: The confidence and self-esteem levels of a child in foster care can take a real battering as a result of all the moving around, and this can have a negative impact on their learning abilities and education. Private tutoring can help to restore confidence and aid learning.

One-On-One Tutoring

The fact that this type of learning offers one-on-one tutoring is another major benefit, as it means that the child is not vying for the attention of the tutor along with lots of other kids. Foster children who are moved around a lot may find it difficult to build a rapport with or engage with their regular teachers and may be less likely to ask questions or deal with areas of education they are struggling with. With one-on-one tutoring, the child is able to engage more with the tutor, which means they will find it easier to ask questions relating to their studies.