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Why Online Tutoring is Popular

The advantages of online tutoring is spurring its growth and popularity.

The advantages of online tutoring is spurring its growth and popularity among parents and students of all ages.

The global tutoring market is expected to grow to $102 billion by next year. A large part of this is the online tutoring format. In general, private one to one tutoring is seen by parents as the way to help their children gain knowledge not available to them in a typical classroom setting. In the U.S. there have been concerns about school children learning enough math and science in the standard school-based knowledge delivery system. General skills like reading and writing also are causes for concern of parents for K-12 students. In the higher-education arena, preparedness for colleges in students coming out of high school continues to decline. A high percentage of students (60% of all admissions to community colleges) need at least one remediation course to prevent them from dropping out. Parents increasingly see private tutoring as a dependable supplement to learning. Their inability to spend time with their children to help with their studies adds to the appeal of expert tutoring providers.

Online Service Providers are Increasingly the Popular Delivery System

Online tutoring is increasingly the popular mode of supplementary education. At first glance, the reason for this is easy to understand. Private tutoring takes away the peer pressure of a class and makes it far easier for a student to ask questions and seek answers to them. With online tutoring, students who might feel intimidated by the physical presence of a tutor do not hesitate to ask questions or find answers in virtual classrooms. This is a generation of students who are very used to the virtual presence of people and are at ease with applications like Skype or Whatsapp.

Studies have shown that the convenience of accessing learning resources from anywhere is a major attraction to online tutoring. Often these are available for as long as you need them, at any time suitable to your convenience, and not restricted by the fixed session time and fixed duration that in-person tutoring requires. In-person tutoring is typically more expensive too. Low performing students who may hesitate to ask questions or seek clarifications in a classroom setting, feel non-threatened and less embarrassed to do so in online tutoring sessions. Additional studies indicate uniform improvement in grades and increases in confidence are reported by students.

College Level Implications

College admissions are increasing significantly (it grew 34% from 2000 to 2009). Educators find that online tutoring helps students who need remedial courses. These remedial measures are essential for retaining the student long enough to complete their degree. Students can get tutoring on-campus or online from other tutoring service providers who specialize in remedial tutoring for college students.

How Online Tutoring Helps All Students

Online tutoring can accelerate learning for all students, including those who are behind in school.

Online tutoring can accelerate learning for all students, including those who are behind in school.

In-person tutoring by a competent teacher can benefit all students. Students get personal help from an experienced teacher in a non-threatening environment. Stress due to peer pressure is very low. Online tutoring is a practical alternative that provides nearly the same environment as in-person tutoring. In fact, many students find interacting with the tutor over the Internet even less threatening than if a tutor was physically present. Studies have shown students are able to improve grades through the right type of online tutoring. Many students also reported improvements in self-confidence in the process.

Growth of Online Tutoring

There is another aspect of the online tutoring growth phenomenon for you to consider. According to a well-known white paper by Cherie Mazur, online tutoring is a student retention and remediation solution. Student enrollment in college increased by 34% over 2000 to 2009, yet some 60% students joining community colleges needed remedial courses. This is where online tutoring can easily help students in need. Students can opt for college admission preparation programs available through online tutoring services. They can get remedial help in reading and math even before admission to a college. With the growth of online tutoring, parents are realizing the advantages tutoring offers their children.

Benefits Across the Board

The offerings available through these online tutoring sites are numerous. You can simply seek help for homework, improvement in reading, writing and math skills, subjects like physics, chemistry, social science, languages and so on. The academic levels may be K-12, college level, or preparing for tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT or TOEFL. The best tutoring companies have veteran teachers available to work with any student, regardless of their need or knowledge level. You can get short-term assistance or coaching in a regular course on a specific subject. Compared to in-person tutoring, online companies offer virtual presence of a teacher. With technology solutions available today, tutors are able to interact with the student in realtime. Tutors can guide the student every step of the way as he or she learns the concepts and starts using them.

Benefits for Gifted students as well as Students with Special Learning Needs

It is not often that you can access a learning framework that is beneficial to students across the board. Gifted students are able to satisfy their special knowledge needs with the guidance of a tutor who has knowledge beyond the regular curriculum. Any questions that arise in pursuing these additional concepts are easily resolved through the intervention of the tutor. Combined with the access to knowledge provided by the Internet, there are no limits to what students can learn. Students with learning disabilities and other disadvantages can have custom-designed coursework to achieve learning goals. A tutor is there to guide and provide support as necessary. For the large majority, in the middle, a tutor can help clarify any questions, ensure the concepts get deeply ingrained in their minds and satisfy their curiosity on any issue related to the curriculum.

How to Get the Most from Online Tutoring

13597404_sThe most common concern about online tutoring is that it is not as rewarding as traditional face-to-face tutoring. Many parents are skeptical about online tutoring because there is a lack of tangible human interaction. In order to take advantage of a service such as online tutoring, here are some important things to note.

The right tools or features make online tutoring worthwhile. There are many methods of online tutoring but not all of them are the same. It is very important that you pick the method that you think you are most comfortable with and benefits you best. For example, if you are a more visual person, pick a method that allows you to see what the tutor is teaching. A whiteboard feature would be the best option because it allows the tutor to illustrate his or her explanations. If you learn better by listening, it is important that you pick a program that allows you to listen to what the tutor is teaching. A video chat would allow you to both hear and see what is going on.

Self-discipline is extremely crucial when it comes to online tutoring. Because it is a virtual classroom, there will be no one there to physically supervise you or to make sure that you are giving your full attention to the subject at hand. In addition to that, the World Wide Web is a very distracting place. You need to make sure that you are not on Facebook or Reddit while online tutoring is taking place. If you find that it is a problem, there are free software applications you can download that block other applications temporarily while you complete your online tutoring session.

Clarification and feedback are still the most valuable learning tools. The fact that online tutoring is a virtual experience, it is almost impossible for the tutor to read your body language. Without this ability, the tutor will not be able to determine if you are confused or if you understand what he or she is trying to convey. Therefore, it is very important for you to clarify with the tutor whenever you are in doubt. Since it is an online environment, you do not have to worry that your questions may sound silly because there is no one else in the classroom with you and the tutor. It is also paramount that you consider the tutor’s feedback very carefully.

Online tutoring can be just as helpful as traditional tutoring when you consider these recommendations. More than that, effective online tutoring can help save you a lot of time and money too!

Online Tutoring and the Future of Education

The education landscape is changing fast, and online learning is quickly become the norm in many respects. Online tutoring can prepare students for online college.

There are a number of reasons to choose online tutoring. Many parents may be unsure of this emerging technology, but online, or distance learning, is already here and helping your child through this emerging field may just be the best academic decision you make. Online tutoring ensures that your child not only has the academic skills needed to succeed, but the technical ability to meet the demands of the changing nature of education today.

The Emergence of eLearning

Some four million students now take classes online. This is a number that is only going to continue to grow. It has been estimated that by 2019, half of all college classes will be conducted online. This trend is known as eLearning, and studies have shown that eLearning takes about half the time as traditional classroom instruction. If students can learn what they need in a shorter amount of time, there time management skills will grow, enabling them to develop skills required for success in life.

Far more colleges than just the University of Phoenix are now offering some sort of online version of their coursework. Plus, as the cyber school movement continues to grow, it only makes sense that parents can and should seek out online tutoring to help their child. In fact, the United States Department of Education conducted a survey in 2009 that showed students who took part or all of their classwork online performed better than students in traditional classrooms.

But this trend in computer-based learning is not just restricted to higher education. In 2011, almost eighty percent of American corporations were using online learning as a fundamental part of their training. Many of these corporations have identified eLearning as the second most important training method they have.

How Online Tutoring Helps

Does it not make sense that the best way to help prepare your child for the new, online world would be with the help of online tutoring?

By having instant access to the best tutors anywhere, not just the tutors available in your neighborhood, online tutoring assures that your child is receiving the best possible help from experts. Many online tutors are already using whiteboards and video conferencing to interact with their students, allowing greater flexibility in reinforcing learning. Students can even reach their tutors through email for immediate answers. No longer does your child have to wait for that next tutoring session. Being able to have 24/7 support through online tutoring may just mean the difference between success and failure for your child in the changing technological landscape of education in the 21st century.

Educational Tutorial Services Launches Crowd Funding Campaigns for Innovative Online Tutoring Program and Scholarships

Educational Tutorial Services launches crowdfunding campaigns to fund new online tutoring program and scholarships for private tutoring.

We are pleased to announce that we have initiated an aggressive crowdfunding initiative to secure additional funds for our online tutoring program. We also will be raising funds to help students who need intensive one-on-one tutoring. Today, we kicked-off our crowdfunding with an exciting Indiegogo campaign for InstantTutor. Our Fundly campaign targets scholarship funds for foster youth in need of private tutoring.

The learning platform of InstantTutor is easy to use and designed to meet the learning needs of foster youth. With real-time tutoring, students are able to get help with homework and complete supplemental assignments intended to bridge learning gaps that developed when their education was disrupted. InstantTutor is 508 compliant so that youth with visual impairments can get the help they need. We will offer free worksheets so students can continue to build skills.

Our state-of-the-art learning platform includes a variety of tools including an interactive whiteboard, desktop sharing, ability to save tutoring sessions, and live webinars. Our goal is to ensure every youth in care has easy and affordable access to academic supports. The following graphic shows a bit how the program works:

Learn more about our initiatives at Indiegogo and Fundly. Also, visit our YouTube channel for a demonstration of InstantTutor. Share this post with friends and family. Together, we can reach more youth in care and help them achieve their academic goals!

Traditional or Online Tutoring – Which is Right for You?

There are pros and cons to traditional private tutoring as well as online tutoring. Use these to determine which approach will benefit your child most.

There are pros and cons to traditional private tutoring as well as online tutoring. Use these to determine which approach will benefit your child most.

As with everything in today’s society, tutoring has taken a major step into the digital world. And, the age-old debate about traditional or new-age comes into play. Traditional tutoring or online tutoring? In order to make this decision easier for you, here is a list of pros and cons for both traditional and online tutoring.

Pros of Traditional Tutoring

With an actual tutor around, you can be sure that your child gets ample amount of attention. You also can rest assured that your child will be more focused because there is an adult around to keep him or her in check.

Having a tutor physically present around a student is a good idea because some students do not make it known that they are confused. Being able to see the students’ body language helps the tutor determine if the student fully understands what is being taught.

Cons of Traditional Tutoring

Hiring a tutor can be quite pricey depending on the tutor’s rate as well as his or her qualifications. Furthermore, students may need to pay for additional materials such as practice books. And, in some cases, you will need to transport your child to and from her tutoring session.

A tutoring session may take up to an hour or two, depending on the tutor and student. This time period is fully blocked and if you want to allocate this time for something else, you will need to find another time when your child and the tutor are both free to meet. This can be quite a chore if your child has activities such as sports or other extracurricular activities.

Pros of Online Tutoring

Students can get help at any time of the day. If your child is doing his or her homework at 9PM, and finds that he or she needs help with a certain problem, you can go online to look for help since there are tutors online at all times. Online tutoring is the solution for emergency situations.

It can cost a fraction of what a traditional tutor would charge and it only requires a stable Internet connection for online tutoring to take place. WiFi or a mobile connection is all it takes for an online tutoring session. If you can’t seem to get access to the Internet, you can simply go to one of the many cafes or libraries that provide free WiFi.

Cons of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring requires a lot of discipline and focus, something a younger child may lack. Hence online tutoring may only be suitable for a certain age group. If a younger child wishes to use online tutoring services, an adult may need to be around the child in order to supervise and keep him or her in check.

Students may not get the attention they need with online tutoring. If a student is weak in a particular topic or subject, it is important that they spend more time on that topic or subject. This may require more intensive face-to-face time with a tutor.

Choosing the Right Online Tutoring Agency

Knowing what to look for in an online tutoring agency ensures you get the best tutor for your child.

Knowing what to look for in an online tutoring agency ensures you get the best tutor for your child.

When looking for an online tutor, most parents may place too much emphasis on the tutors’ credentials. Yes, tutors must be qualified but that is not the only factor to consider. In order to benefit from online tutoring, there are several factors that can improve the outcome. Here are some tips on how to choose the best tutor for your child.

Time Zone

This is important because you have to take into consideration the best time of day for your child to learn. If your child learns better in the day time, it makes sense to look for a tutor who lives in or near your time zone. However, if your child learns best at night, it might be more beneficial to look for a tutor who is most likely to be awake or in another time zone that fits your child’s learning preferences.


You may think that a tutor’s job is just to tutor your child, but it really is more than just tutoring. The relationship between a tutor and student can affect the results of online tutoring, or even traditional tutoring. If the tutor and student share the same interest, for example, both have a passion for football, the tutor can then invoke interest in your child by using a football analogy to explain a difficult math problem. Because your child is interested in the topic, he or she will tend to listen more carefully and therefore understand better.

Teaching Style

This can be a difficult thing to judge before having an actual lesson. There are several things you can do to gauge what a tutor’s teaching style is. The easiest method is to ask the tutor how a typical online tutoring lesson would be conducted. Another method is to see if there is feedback or comments from students who have had lessons with that tutor. Another thing you can do is to let the tutor know how your child is likely to behave during a tutoring session. For example, if his or her attention span is very short, the tutor can adjust the online tutoring session accordingly. Instead of 2 hour-long lessons per week, the tutor can accommodate and break the 2 hours into several 30-minute lessons, spread over the week.


The last but not the least is the tutor’s qualifications. This is an important factor to look for but it is definitely not the sole factor to consider when choosing a tutor. Make sure the tutors are experienced tutors who know how to help students in a virtual classroom setting in order to get the best out of online tutoring. Of course, there is no such thing as a tutor being over qualified, so feel free to pick the one with the highest qualifications.

Ways Shy Students Benefit from Online Tutoring

Shy students can gain confidence by working with online tutors to complete homework assignments.

Shy students can gain confidence by working with online tutors to complete homework assignments.

Shy students often miss out on learning opportunities and are likely to lag behind the peers in the class. Their shyness prevents them from asking questions to clarify their gaps in learning. With the fast pace at which teaching-learning must progress, these students fall behind quickly. Teasing shy students in the class, reaching the levels of bullying, is quite common. These behaviors can force shy boys and girls to withdraw even more and prevent them from participating in the learning process. Interventions must address two aspects of the problem. First, the teacher in the class must be able to recognize the signs and encourage such shy students to participate in class activities and ask questions. Teachers will need to be sensitized to the issues involving shy students and take appropriate measures that prevent these students from lagging behind in the classroom. Second, one-to-one tutoring can provide tremendous benefit to these students. Shy students often find online tutoring more comfortable and productive than in-person tutoring.

Online Tutoring Benefits

Online tutoring provides a completely protected environment shy students need in order to learn. Except when a parent might decide to sit with her, it is the student working privately with the tutor. The physical presence of an unknown person, at least in initial sessions, may intimidate a shy student in in-person tutoring sessions. This is less likely to occur with on-line tutoring sessions. In fact, such a non-threatening environment can easily encourage the student to ask relevant questions as the learning progresses. The tutoring sessions being completely one-to-one, the tutor is able to not only look for learning strengths and weaknesses, but she can watch for the effects of shyness in the student. In either case, the tutor is able to take immediate remedial actions such as engaging the student in discussions and other interactive activities.

The above interventions work well for students who are naturally shy, especially when their lack of social skills arises from not communicating with others. Shyness in a student can be the result of having learning disabilities or simply being behind in learning due to gaps in their education. Online tutoring service providers are able to tailor their lesson plans and add supplementary teaching in order to help shy students reach academic goals.

Customized Learning Plans

Depending on whether the student is on the gifted student end of the spectrum or someone who is affected by a learning disability, a customized learning plan can be created by the tutoring provider. For the concerned parent, one option is to participate in the online sessions. Unfortunately, that may not be the best solution because the student may not open up completely in the parent’s presence. However, tutoring providers may have regular reports available so the parent can monitor their child’s progress closely. Besides the periodical reports, many providers provide on-demand reports so that parents can be confident the learning gap is being closed. Tutors can help your shy student build confidence faster!

Common Questions About Online Tutoring

Get answers about online tutoring so you know what to expect when you engage an online tutor for assistance.

Get answers about online tutoring so you know what to expect when you engage an online tutor for assistance.

It is not unusual for parents and students to have questions when it comes to online tutoring. Understanding the answers to common questions can help you determine if online tutoring is the best option when you need homework or test prep help.


Three parties are involved when you think about tutoring – tutors, students and parents. These three parties remain the same for online tutoring, plus there is typically an agency such as Educational Tutorial Services who hires the tutors and provides the virtual classroom where students and tutors meet.

The tutors are highly qualified with most tutors having a master’s or doctorate degree, specializing in their own subjects. Anyone who needs tutoring can sign up for this service, regardless of your location, age, race or gender.

Parents are more often than not the ones who pay for their child’s tuition, although school districts and foster care agencies also may pay for online tutoring for certain students. Advocates of online tutoring are mostly parents who understand the cost effectiveness and the amount of time saved when choosing online tutoring over traditional tutoring.


With the kind of technology we have today, almost everything has gone online. What was once a very traditional, face-to-face practice is now available online. Imagine a virtual classroom in which teachers and students from all over the world can come together to teach and learn together – that is online tutoring.


This is probably one of the main driving forces that turn students and tutors toward the digital path when it comes to tutoring. Traditional tutoring requires a physical meet up whereby students and tutors need to agree on a time and place. In a way, an agreed time and place has now become a liability because once these details are set, you have to stick by it or reschedule.

However, since the Internet never sleeps, online tutors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students can go online to get help on a difficult math problem at 1 AM because somewhere a tutor is online and ready to help.


Online tutoring, as its name suggests, takes place online. It is a virtual classroom where students and tutor conduct discussions as well as lessons.  As long as you have access to high-speed Internet service, you can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get help when you need it, wherever you are at the moment.


More and more parents as well as students are now choosing online tutoring over traditional, face-to-face tutoring for several reasons.

To begin with, it is much more convenient for both parents and students because online tutoring offers the flexibility that traditional tutoring does not. It allows students access to resources that were previously not available because of time or an inflexible schedule at school.

Secondly, online tutors can be more cost effective compared to traditional tutoring. The fees for online tutoring often are only a fraction of what traditional tutoring would cost. In addition to that, online tutoring does not require students or tutors to travel, hence eliminating transportation costs. Students and tutors only need a stable Internet connection for online tutoring to take place.


There are many tools and applications that complement the new age of tutoring. These peripherals help facilitate tutors in their tutoring, and at the same time, making it a tad more interesting for students. Some examples of these tools are video chat, chat messaging, and whiteboards.

Online Tutoring Coming Soon to Educational Tutorial Services!

Student receiving online tutoring help

Online tutoring services are affordable and convenient for students of all ages.

Educational Tutorial Services will begin offering online tutoring in Fall 2013. We have decided to offer this new service in response to requests we have received over the past few years. Although our focus has been on helping students in foster care achieve academic goals, any student who needs homework assistance or academic support can use our online tutoring service.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Parents and students alike are turning to online tutoring for help with quick questions, general homework assignments, and even test preparation. There are several reasons to use our online tutoring service.

1. Avoid hassle of hiring a private tutor – placing an ad in the paper to find someone that is suitable in personality and skills requires time and commitment on your part

2. Get tutoring when you need it – you do not have to worry about setting up a schedule with a tutor because there is always someone available to help you

3. Receive help wherever you are – agreeing to a location for your tutoring session is not an issue with online tutoring since you can be anywhere in the world as long as you have high-speed Internet

4. Find help for any subject area – oftentimes when you hire a private tutor, you are likely to get someone who specializes in a particular subject but with online tutoring, you can get help in multiple subjects

Students especially find that online tutoring is more comfortable than meeting a tutor in person. And parents can easily monitor tutoring sessions that take place online.

What to Expect

Our online tutoring platform is easy to use so you can quickly get the help you need. You will get help from a tutor in real time. Tutors are highly qualified with many having a master’s or doctorate degree in their subject area. When you find a tutor you like, you can continue to get help from that same tutor in future sessions. We want your online tutoring experience to be positive so we may request feedback from you in order to improve services.

As we get closer to the launch date, we will bring you more information about the specific features of our online tutoring service. We understand online tutoring is not for everyone. If you decide you need more one-to-one tutoring, consider our private tutoring services.