Advantages of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring offers unique benefits for each student.

Parents and students are always looking for ways to improve learning and boost grades. Home tutoring remains popular for myriad reasons.  Obviously it is convenient because tutors come to you.  With over 25% of America’s students receiving private tutoring, the benefits seem apparent.  The need for a good education has come to the forefront once again thanks to the current economy.

Students receive private tutoring because they need academic support.  Gifted students may want the extra challenge presented through private tutoring.  Students can also get assistance preparing for college admission exams.  So, there is no shortage of reasons to consider hiring a tutor.  But what are the specific advantages?

1. One-On-One Attention

This is a huge advantage of private tutoring.  Students are less likely to be distracted.  They can focus without interruption on the task before them.  Home tutoring can be more comfortable for students, allowing them to relax and learn more.  And, since there is only one student, tutors can cover a lot more material than a classroom teacher.

2. Quality Tutor

You get to pick your tutor.  So you can get a tutor for your child who will be encouraging and motivating.  Personality does matter to children. If they do not like their tutor, they will not benefit from the private tutoring.  You also want a tutor who can actually help your child.  Private tutors are often highly qualified with advanced degrees in the subject areas they teach.

3. Improved Self-Image

Once children know they can accomplish something academically, they become more confident.  As their self-esteem grows, they develop a better self-image.  This makes them more open to learning new material and tackling class projects.  Private tutoring can be particularly helpful if your child is shy or is uncomfortable around their peers.

4. Edge on Standardized Tests

Private tutoring can help students improve scores on standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT.  Tutors can effectively identify student strengths and weaknesses.  They will use student strengths to shore up weaknesses.  This can make the difference between an average score and a competitive score when applying to colleges.

Other advantages exist, but these are several of the major tangible benefits of private tutoring.  The next step is finding the right tutor for your child.  And this will depend in part on what you hope to gain from the tutoring experience.