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Since 1996, Educational Tutorial Services has had two primary goals: cater to the foster care system and provide high quality private tutoring programs to students of all ages. We know that when foster care children move from home to home throughout the course of their life, they experience an ever-changing academic situation due to different teachers, curricula, and atmosphere. In turn, many children have survived traumatic situations that greatly affect the way they learn. Many schools lack the skills to adequately assist foster children, so Educational Tutorial Services has stepped forward to fill this niche. We collaborate with both schools and agencies to make sure that foster children are being taken care of. We are equally committed to providing customized academic tutoring and test preparation programs to help students of all ages succeed. Our goal at Educational Tutorial Services is to make sure that children have the attention they need in order to succeed in an academic environment. Learn more.

Test Preparation

High quality Test Preparation programs are available for a variety of high school and college exams including myriad subject area tests. Educational Tutorial Services customizes test prep programs to your individual needs. Learn More

Quick Facts

Our tutoring programs are designed to help students achieve the ultimate high school success - GRADUATION! Not sure exactly what kind of assistance your child needs? Learn more about our services to see why our program works. Learn More

Academic Support

With over 50% of students unprepared for college, students who need remedial tutoring in reading and math skills turn to Educational Tutorial Services for assistance. Reading and math skills are the foundation of your college success! Learn More

About Us

Educational Tutorial Services is committed to the education of all children and offer customized tutoring programs to meet individual student needs. Gifted students and disadvantages students alike benefit from our services. Learn More

Foster Care

By building on student strengths, our tutoring programs are proven to assist foster care students who are lagging behind their peers because of interruptions in their education. We help students overcome learning barriers to achieve grade-level success. Learn More

Private Tutoring

In addition to academic support, students learn valuable study skills and organizing techniques they can apply in the classroom and to various school projects. Educational Tutorial Services wants your child to be successful! Learn More


Providing Support During Homework Time

As any parent knows, education is a vital part of their child’s upbringing and an extremely important part of their future. All parents want to ensure that their child is able to enjoy the best education but it is important to remember that kids sometimes need a helping hand in order to help them to

In-Home Tutoring for Special Education Students

At-risk students who have been removed from their families and placed in temporary foster care or children who have been through a traumatic experience and are now part of the long-term foster care system often have very different needs from children who live in a happy and stable family environment. With some 114,000 children in

Education is Key to Success for Foster Children Aging-Out of System

The numbers paint a dismal picture for youth aging-out of the foster care system. Less than half will be employed by the time they are 24 years old. Nearly 25% have experienced homelessness since leaving the system. More than 75% of the young women will become pregnant at least once by the time they are

Improve the Confidence of Your Child with Private Tutoring

The success of a child’s academic achievements can depend on a variety of factors. In some cases, students struggle with their learning simply due to lack of confidence. This could be a lack of confidence in their abilities or lack of confidence in a classroom environment. Either way, this is something that can have a

Improving Academic Outcomes for Children with Learning Disabilities

If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, you must be wondering what you can do to help. One of your biggest concerns is probably how they will cope at school. Homework is an important part of the education process as it not only increases learning but also helps children develop good habits

Quality Matters When Tutoring Foster Care Students

One reason there is a priority need to provide tutoring services to children and youth in foster care is because they often have serious gaps in their education. Between moving from foster home to foster home and changing schools frequently, foster care students typically are so preoccupied with their family situation and their future that

How Online Tutoring Helps All Students

In-person tutoring by a competent teacher can benefit all students. Students get personal help from an experienced teacher in a non-threatening environment. Stress due to peer pressure is very low. Online tutoring is a practical alternative that provides nearly the same environment as in-person tutoring. In fact, many students find interacting with the tutor over

Tips for Helping Teens in Foster Care with Homework

It is common for youth in foster care to be behind their peers academically. Although younger children may be more willing to spend time on homework, teens in foster care may rebel against foster parents or guardians who try to get them focused on academic goals. In-home tutoring can provide the motivation teens need to

Helping At-Risk Students Meet Standards and Achieve Academic Goals

Expert tutoring services rely on research-based best practices to help low performing and at-risk students succeed in school. Effective instructional strategies are required for tutors who may only meet with students a few hours each week. Low-achieving students can easily bridge learning gaps and become motivated to do well in school. It just takes the

Tutoring Out-of-School Youth Who Need to Improve Basic Skills

Older youth who have dropped out of school may be eligible for WIA-funded tutoring. These services must be approved through your local workforce development center. While you may not want to participate in remedial education, it will be required for you to do so if you do not have the necessary basic skills. Importance of